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Biggest Loser’ Made Us Take Diet Pills”, Contestants Claim

Biggest loser” is an NBC hit show. Obese contestants compete for a very interesting cause. Whoever loses the most weight wins, and gets the cash prize. Sounds fair and pretty good idea for someone who wants to lose weight and having fun too. But the show has some recent controversy. In May 2016 the journal obesity published a research which showed that most of the contestants gain their weight in the years to come.  phenq wiki This raised many questions about the credibility of the show. Some said that contestants were given pills to speed up the weight loss so that they can show the progress. There are some contestants who have claimed to lie on camera about the calories they were taking.

Contestants claim that they were given pills and were said that they will help you I losing weight

Our bodies are composed of 60% water. If a drug reduces this water constant then an instant loss in weight is experienced by the user.  It is a pretty good way to show that the contestants are losing weight on the show. As the show high highly raked, it earns millions of dollars. The catch about these Diet Pills is that as soon as a user stops taking these pills he gains it just as quickly. It is also makes the user go to toilet very often. As they lose water the weight goes down. The show can easily show the contestants getting slimmer and fitting into tighter dresses. This is a huge selling point for a show like “Biggest loser”.

It is important to mention here that the show administration deny all allegation of using any kind of drugs and says that the safety and wellbeing of contestants is the top priority.

Suzanne Mendonca is the star of the controversy, gained weight after the show. Suzanne left her job in the police to be a part of the show, which she says was the biggest mistake of her life. Now she goes through depression and has to pay medical bills for the trauma her body went through the show. She says that the show not only disturbed her professional life, it also ruined her. point system for weight watchers She also claims that when she was being selected for the show she was asked to gain some extra pounds so that they can make the weight loss as dramatic as possible. She also threw up many time. They were only being fed 800 calories per day with 8 hrs. of workout. That is extremely unhealthy.


Many sources say that Biggest Loser’s resident doctor, Rob Huizenga know about the practices which are putting their life at risk. Many people pass out on set and many more had to go to the hospital. It is important to show the Dr. Huizenga’s view point. He says that the claims of contestants are far from reality. The show has zero tolerance for weight-loss drugs. Urine tests and weight evaluations are repeatedly done to keep a check.

The show’s producer says “The safety and well-being of our contestants is, and always has been, paramount.”

Contestants claim that they were not allowed eat and drink before weigh ins and they were also being under fed. People would throw up in bathrooms and bob harper would just make it look normal and healthy. Mendonca told that doctors tried to give her baking soda to compensate for weight fluctuation. Baking soda allows the body to retain more water. This way they can highlight the contestants who are more interesting in the show.

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Dietary pills may be an easy way out for weight loss and the controversy can be true. But the show “Biggest Loser” also focuses a lot on workouts under great supervision which is without doubt the best way to lose pounds.


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